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USB Device Causing VM’s to Freeze – Cannot Kill vm – VMware Technology Network VMTN.

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This article is about the latest major VMware versions, meaning VMware Workstation Pro and Player 16, 15, 14 and Upgraded to Workstation Pro Have 3 virtual machines. The moment i start any of my virtual machines, host (Windows Ultimate 7 SP1) crashes. All, I have installed Windows XP SP3 in my VMWare virtual enviroment and whenever I Failed to load C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Workstation\


– VMWare Freezes On Reboot – VMware Technology Network VMTN


Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I have a new Windows laptop running latest Windows I created a new guest running the latest Fedora 25, with 2 GB max guest memory for graphics. The Gnome desktop will just randomly freeze and I cannot do anything or увидеть больше control of it without doing a hard reboot of the VM.

After a lot of troubleshooting to figure out what is causing the freezing it appears to be due to the 3D acceleration and only in full screen mode. The freezing will occur in both XOrg and Wayland desktop sessions. If I turn off 3D acceleration or not have the VM in full screen 4K then it doesn’t v,ware, but this is very inconvenient as Gnome doesn’t run well without 3D acceleration.

OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Similar build and same problem here: Windows 10 Pro,Build: Running full-screen 4k monitor seems to bring freeze randomly.

Sometimes I can work for an hour in the VM, but most times it freezes after several minutes. Sorry, something went wrong. After testing with 3D acceleration off yesterday I can confirm that no crashes happen during this узнать больше. Painfully slow to work with though. This also occurs on Ubuntu Thanks for the additional workaround josepmc worketation, may I ask though is this any different or better performing than my workaround where you disable VMware 3D hardware acceleration for the VM?

I hope the open-vm-tools team can fee out why, in Fedora 25 and newer using XOrg not Wayland and I assume Ubuntu Thanks for freezees. I believe this is an issue with Workstation I may be wrongand filed an internal bug. I can also confirm that on the latest VMware Workstation 14 Pro I created fredzes brand new Fedora 26 guest OS using my exact same procedure mentioned above and after using the GNOME desktop for a few minutes in 4k приведу ссылку everything freezes.

I tried to reproduce with an older hybrid graphics laptop but never saw the problem. Not running 4K, though. Could anyone seeing this problem try one of the vmware workstation 14 freezes free suggestions to help pinpoint the problem:. And give them the logs. No, vmware workstation 14 freezes free vmtoolsd error is unrelated. While it’s bad, it shouldn’t cause a freeze. It would also be helpful if you could find and post the vmware. I restarted the VM and ran dmesg again workstahion GNOME is working and unfortunately that message is the last line in the dmesg log after startup:.

I have the same issue. My host is a Windows 10 desktop ver My guest system is a fully updated Manjaro. I’ve been running without 3D acceleration for over a year. I’m happy to provide any of my configuration files or vmwaer if they’d be of any help.

Same problem here. Also, turning off 3D acceleration causes multi-monitor mode to display black screens. By default 3D acceleration should always be on. Most modern Linux graphical freezfs need it to function properly that’s frefzes it’s a major issue for me and others because you effectively cannot use VMware Workstation with any late guest OS.

My workaround is to simply use Fedora 24 as treezes OS but eventually that will vmware workstation 14 freezes free a problem because vmware workstation 14 freezes free one reason or another I will need to upgrade. Turning off 3D acceleration is not a workaround the desktop is really unusable if you do that. I wholeheartedly believe that if the VMware Workstation vmward team or the open-vm-tools development team took a Windows 10 computer with VMWare Workstation The reason I ask to use a 4K display is because it seems like it might be that this configuration is causing VMWare Workstation to have problems.

I haven’t yet seen anyone say this exact workwtation happens on HD? I am using 2 4k monitors. I was just pointing out that when I disable vmware workstation 14 freezes free acceleration which avoids the freezeI cannot use my dual monitors. I should have made that clear.

I think the issue happened to me when only using one monitor, but it’s been so long since I’ve had 3D acceleration enabled that Продолжить need to test it again to be completely sure.

GNOME simply “blacks out”. I can use one of the monitors, but not both. With free acceleration enabled I can use both 4k monitors but then I have to deal with periodic freezing. Thanks for the follow up and clarification abecher22 and mumblyOMOD. More info and data points for the VMware Vmwaree team to show this is a real problem. I’m going to hazard a guess and say that this issue has something to do vmware workstation 14 freezes free a flaw in VMware Workstation and its 3D acceleration using late version Linux guest OSes on single 4K and dual HD monitors.

Vmware workstation 14 freezes free it be some flaw there isn’t enough memory somewhere? My guess is that a single 4K or dual HD displays will require much more memory for 3D acceleration, etc. Workstatio are all setting our video memory to the max 2 GB in the settings.

Workstaton all. Unfortunately we have not been able to reproduce this in-house, so we do need some more help to pinpoint which component is at fault. If you have the possibilty to run any of these tests, it would be helpful. If someone has a VM that frequently locks up and can try the exact same VM using a Linux Player or Workstation setup to determine whether there is a lockup also on linux hosts, that would dell windows iso free of great help.

And another simple test that would also be useful if you’re running on vmware workstation 14 freezes free Nvidia system Vmwaree disabled if multi-GPUs : 3. Exactly the same as 0. After it exhibits the Locking behavior I’ll tweak my vmx file vmware workstation 14 freezes free to 0 and will provide an update once I’ve tested it for a good 8 hours or so enough time that I know my machine should have exhibited the Locking behavior at least once.

I can wokrstation the kernel part. I’m running: Linux archlinux 4. But it dree be vmware workstation 14 freezes free to vmware workstation 14 freezes free if fee is exactly the same problem. Эта microsoft office activation key 2016 free топик summer when I opened this issue and worked with open-vm-tools team to troubleshoot it I had multiple parallel testing VMs of Fedora vmware workstation 14 freezes free, 25, 26, and then 27 in Xorg and Wayland configurations.

I was testing things extensively. The problem did not exist in Fedora 24 and only appeared starting in I would keep all test instances up-to-date and retest the issue. Only when Fedora 26 and 27 updated to kernel 4.

The issue not comeback either and I’m currently running latest Fedora I’m certain if /28779.txt install worjstation fresh Fedora 28 VM on your host and bring it up-to-date this will help troubleshoot the source of your problem. It takes no more than 30 min to install. If the desktop locks up then that strongly suggests the issue is something specific to your hardware, VMware Workstation version if you aren’t using the latest Worsktation, it could be there is some specific open-vm-tools or VWware Workstation issue читать далее your workstationn causing the lockup, but statistically that is a freezees likely explanation and you won’t find out until you do the above test.

You would vmsare in to GNOME desktop and after sometimes 30 worktation, sometimes 2 min, sometimes 10 min, but vmware workstation 14 freezes free without fail within a few minutes and without any particular sequence workkstation events preceding it the entire desktop would permanently lockup and freeze.

The only way out would be to reboot either via terminal or VMware signalled reboot. Getting the same problem here, in fact exactly worostation same as RyanEwen above Seeing the same issue with Ubuntu 18,04 Budgie on This seems to kill the VM and then I can’t power it down or do anything with it.

We have no repro on this in-house. To be able to make progress we need logs, so could anybody suffering from this please provide a A screen shot of the artifacts, b A “dmesg” log from the guest c A vmware. I’ve tried upgrading to 4. I also believe the problem RyanEwen and you are getting is a different issue than described in this issue. Please see my detailed description of the issue I and others were getting last summer comment is quite a bit different than the issue RyanEwen and you are getting.

IMO I think a separate issue should нажмите чтобы прочитать больше opened for this. Same here. Ftee Workstation Issue is still not fixed; on Windows 10 Pro host with Ubuntu To all the people who still have this problem. For me the issue suddenly disappeared in November and it was after a Linux kernel update or something vmware workstation 14 freezes free Fedora that got updated. I fdeezes had the issue since. It had vmware workstation 14 freezes free to do with VMware Workstation or open-vm-tools as nothing changed on the VMware or tools side between having the issue and not having the issue.

I would ask people who are on Windows 10 and freees vmware workstation 14 freezes free VMware Workstation Pro 14 or 15 to make a test and install Fedora 30 guest and see if you still get the freezing.


– VMware Workstation Pro – host crashes on vi – VMware Technology Network VMTN

The driver starts installing in the vm, then it freezes. After googling around it seems I just need to kill off the process. The. Upgraded to Workstation Pro Have 3 virtual machines. The moment i start any of my virtual machines, host (Windows Ultimate 7 SP1) crashes.

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