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[SOLVED] Thoughts on Office vs .

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Word’s PDF editing ability! This may not matter to most of you but my users are absolutely addicted to PDFs and having this built in can save me lots of money. The other big reason that I am upgrading is the full version of Lync only available in Pro Plus has some nice group video upgrades that can get us away from other products.

There are also a number of other small but nice improvements such as the ability to sort tables in OneNote. If you have software assurance and can upgrade for free then I think it is worth it.

For the most part it acts very much like Office so you shouldn’t need user training. Just make sure you test out any macros or plugins and also use a GPO to tweak the install. Just like most mature products, the improvements are pretty small so there isn’t much of a reason to go out and spend money if you are currently on the previous version.

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Welcome to Monday And be careful as today may be more exciting and dangerous than many Mondays as today is also International Axe Throwing Day, a once Canadian backyard pastime that is now sweeping the globe!

I am in need of advice on how to setup a Air gap backup? My organization is building our Cybersecurity program. I am looking to begin logging and monitoring with a SIEM tool. The two that I am looking at are Datadog and Blumira. Does anyone have any input about either of these SIEM tools that has experience wit Welcome to the first Spark!

Hope your weekends were full of enjoyable stuff. Online Events. Log in Join. Microsoft Office. Spice 68 Reply Duells Quimby This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. AceOfSpades This person is a verified professional. I still use Office as my primary, and testing SW-Desperado This person is a verified professional. Spice 1 flag Report. Steve Zemanek This person is a verified professional. Spice 9 flag Report.

Kkyishkkii This person is a verified professional. I run , prefer it over Its faster and cleaner, and macros are less of a pain Spice 22 flag Report. It is clean but more like 50 shades of Grey! Spice 4 flag Report. Tartanarmy This person is a verified professional. I am the only one on the rest of the people are on I use it at home as well so makes getting used to it a bit easier.

Spice 3 flag Report. Sky drive integration Can be disabled via GPO. So that’s really not a valid reason. Spice 11 flag Report. Spice 7 flag Report. PDF editing is somewhat broken from what I’ve tested. StandingForChildren This person is a verified professional.

Nice but not essential Spice 3 flag Report. Alan M. Okay, because I remember some Office early adopters complaining about that they couldn’t. So maybe they finally added that feature in. Anthony Smitha. It doesn’t matter! Neither works with my Apple!!! Oh wait, I’m not a Mac guy Spice 6 flag Report. The latest version of App Sync fixes that Ver 3. Spice 2 flag Report. Zubair Sadiq. Still a great product but not the solid contender that was.

Its a OK product otherwise. Bryce Katz This person is a verified professional. Duells Quimby wrote: Does anyone have thoughts on office , especially Outlook? From to ? Probably not worth the cost in most situations. There’s very little difference between the two, and most of what is different has already been noted above. Nelson This person is a verified professional. The Data Master. SW-Desperado wrote: the only outlook feature that I love is that if I type the word “attach” in an email without attaching something it warns me after I hit send To Desperado, it was a nice surprise knowing that i did not have to import this macro on all new office installs : flag Report.

Good luck with your decision. Capitalj This person is a verified professional. Wil Tulaba. Force Flow. The biggest complaints I’ve heard are about the color schemes for Outlook is not installed!!!!

SWeaver32 This person is a verified professional. ITHoneyBadger This person is a verified professional. Jon L. Overall I like it better. Default white scheme is absolutely blinding though.

Kevin Dicks. Kevin Spice 1 flag Report. Brett Lehrer. Stay on as long as you can. IMO, licensing is much more frustrating on Doug88 wrote: for new machines. Alex This person is a verified professional. Harry Lui. I’m copying and pasting from my other post. Maybe Volume Licensing is better, but below is what I am experiencing so far with the non-Volume Licensing Office Each office COA is require to attach to an email address and you have to register it to Microsoft by signing up.

You may not changed that email address once the COA is attached. If you mistype the email at sign up, too bad!

If the user no longer work with the company, too bad! If you change your email, too bad! Whether you buy Office at your local retailer, on Office. This is the same whether it is perpetual or subscription activation – or whether it is an Office suite or an Office suite.

With a few PC, it maybe alright, but we have hundreds of PCs. KBinIT This person is a verified professional. Sajiin This person is a verified professional. Don Miller This person is a verified professional. Brony Overlord This person is a verified professional. The little subtle animations are probably my favorite feature Spice 1 flag Report.

For businesses and enterprises, there are only two plans that you need to focus on – Standard and Professional Plus. This means you won’t be wasting time in deciding which plan is for you – as was the case with Office – meaning the migration can be much quicker. As time passes by, even less importance will be given to Office which is a danger to businesses thinking about purchasing this or are still using this. Newer programs continue to be released, and there will also be fewer updates available which can harm productivity.

Lack Of Scalability For Today’s Businesses: Sure, life would be easier if there were only a couple of options and plans to choose from. However, not every business is the same. Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach means businesses will have to compromise and pick a plan that might not suit them. More problems can form, especially if a business realises that an upgrade is necessary further down the line. Newer versions of Office have a handful of plans and while it can take time to pick the right one, the time it takes to select one is worth it because you’d pick a plan that’s tailored to your business.

Lack Of Security: That’s not to say Office doesn’t have any security features. It does, but it’s just that Microsoft is on top of the newer threats that are emerging and are creating newer programs with more extensive security features that simply can’t be implemented within Office They’re designed to work best with newer versions. While some security will be there for businesses using Office , remember that it’s an older program and it probably won’t be long before it’s retired like its predecessors.

Device Compatibility: The big improvement from Office is that Microsoft has made Office compatible with more devices. This is beneficial for those businesses that have employees working off-site who can use their own devices to complete work. It also helps businesses that haven’t upgraded their systems and are still using Windows 7 or Windows 8.

That means productivity can be increased, as work no longer has to be completed on-site. Cloud Storage: With Office , Microsoft made the jump to the cloud – where businesses can store their data without using their own valuable storage.

By using programs like OneDrive, businesses have easier access to save Office files and share them with other users that also have Office With the collaboration tools like SharePoint, this also makes it easier for colleagues to work on files at the same time.

For any business, having constant support from a massive organisation like Microsoft is brilliant. However, mainstream support for Office ends on April 10, and extended support for Office ends in This means Office will also become a retired productivity suite which won’t receive support or upgrades. However, for businesses like yours where you’d have to pay license fees for every user in the company, the costs can begin to add up.

The sad part about this is that these aren’t subscription fees either where you can pay a small amount per user per month. Instead, it’s a one-time cost which can harm cash flow and take a big chunk out of your budget right away.

Paying For Upgrades : Microsoft releases upgrades, programs and software relatively quickly. While certain versions of Office allow businesses to experience the new versions for free, with Office , all new software has to be paid for. If there’s something new that Microsoft releases which will be a big help to your business, if you have an Office plan you’d have to pay extra to receive those programs which can seriously frustrate the finance team. Very sneaky.

Image Credit: How To Geek. Compatibility: As Office Online is purely online based obviously , that means it’s compatible with any device.

It can be your iPhone, a tablet or pretty much any device your business has implemented. As you can see, this is a huge advantage because this means work can be completed anywhere, even at home because it’s easily accessible without having to invest in more systems. Free To Use: No subscriptions, no one-off fee and your budget doesn’t take a hit either.

Using Office Online is absolutely free. It’s not just to view either. Users can access popular programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create, edit and share documents.

Not only that, but it’s also free to collaborate on projects. Limited Features: It’s free and Microsoft certainly aren’t going to give all of their goods away for nothing. As expected, Office Online is extremely limited compared to other plans and what business can and can’t do as there are fewer features. Writing and editing are fine, but you might not be able to achieve anything further than that. This isn’t good for businesses that are reliant on Office Online, as no internet can seriously harm productivity.

That’s why businesses prefer plans that allow you to work on and edit documents offline so valuable time isn’t lost during downtime. While it’s certainly a beneficial tool to have – especially if you’re working with external companies who don’t use Office – it’s not a productivity suite that can be relied on all the time.

Businesses continually need newer features, more storage space and additional security which is something Office Online can’t provide as well as other suites. Image Credit: Office Blogs. Collaboration Tools: More and more businesses need to collaborate with other department or companies. Now, this is made easier with the brilliant Co-Authoring tool which easily tells you which user has made the change and when the change was made. This saves plenty of time, as businesses no longer have to go searching for a particular file or come across several versions of the same document.

Changes are seen in real-time, which makes it more convenient as everyone can work on the same version a user has created. Useful Programs And Features: While Office comes with features you expect, it’s also packed with features and benefits that help businesses of all sizes.

There are group chat applications for quicker communication, such as Microsoft Teams and Yammer. PowerMaps helps Excel data come to life, while Workflows is a project management feature that makes it easy to assign and view tasks. Anytime Access: The beauty of Office is that it can be accessed anywhere by users and businesses that have purchased the software.

Work no longer has to be completed strictly on-site which is beneficial to those businesses that have remote workers or need them to travel often – while still working towards deadlines. No Upgrade Options: Once you purchase Office , that’s it. There are no upgrade options which can be off-putting when you consider that Office requires a large investment to make. If your business desperately needs or even wants new upgrades that Microsoft releases, then the whole price must be paid for it.

No Additional Bonuses: This links in with the previous disadvantage. What you see is what you get with Office as it doesn’t come with any additional bonuses or ways to upgrade. This includes things like the inability to purchase additional storage if needs be, or buying a certain program to integrate with Office



Easy To Understand Microsoft Office Version Comparison.Office now free to new buyers of Office and – CNET

You do not need your Product Key to reinstall or install Office on additional computers. Microeoft Of Security: That’s not to say Office doesn’t have any security features. I have had some complaints from users, but it’s been minimal. I would certainly give it a second thought microsoft office 2013 versus 2010 free I am placed in the same situation because I can effectively simulate the push towards cloud using certain other techniques without buying Office and spending a lot of money and time to upgrade my hardware. Rohn MVP. While certain versions of Office allow businesses to experience the new versions for free, with Officeall new software has to be paid for. Office University over-writes Home Premium just nukes it.


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