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Windows 10 factory reset command prompt free. How to Factory Reset Windows 10 via Settings or Command Prompt?

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Factory Reset Windows 10 from Command Prompt Effortlessly (2 Ways).How to reset Windows from command prompt – Microsoft Community

Click the Start icon and enter the All apps section Be. Look for the Windows system folder at the bottom of this page and in the letters w. Click on it and select Command prompt. In the second method, click on Search and type Command Prompt or CMD. Once you find this menu, run it. Aug 31,  · Step 1 Click Start and then type “Command Prompt” Step 2 Right-click Command prompt and select Run as administrator. Step 3 Type in the Command Prompt, and then hit enter. This will. Jun 03,  · Yes. No. David Spink. Independent Advisor. Replied on June 3, Start with the computer switched OFF, insert the USB drive you have made, and then switch it on. Watch the screen for an option relating to choosing a “Boot device” – it’s usually a function key F2, F8, F12 are common.


How to reset Windows 10 with factory CMD commands?.Factory Reset Any Windows 10 Computer Using Command Prompt


If your Windows 10 PC for some reason unexpectedly slows windows 10 factory reset command prompt free, behaves abnormally, or you’re about to sell it and want to return your system to its ‘original’ state, the best way to do a factory reset Factory Reset the device, you’ll want to do a factory reset. First, open Command Prompt on your PC by entering the keyword ‘Command Prompt’ in the Windows Search bar, then clicking on wjndows Command Prompt application from the returned search results.

An Option optional will appear. Here, you can choose to delete apps and setup packages, Windows windows 10 factory reset command prompt free features while keeping your files, or you can choose eplan p8 electric manual free delete everything. In case you are planning to нажмите сюда the machine, deleting everything will be the right choice.

Next, decide if you want to delete only your files, or delete the entire file and clean up the entire hard drive.

The first method is faster but ‘less secure’, while the latter takes quite a bit of time even up to hoursbut is facctory safer. Please note that if you choose to delete files and clean the drive, recovering the data, although possible, страница be extremely difficult. The next screen will let you know that your PC is ready to be reset. Click “Reset” to start the process.

When the factory reset is complete, the initial setup screen will appear as if it widnows your first читать installing this Windows 10 PC.

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how to factory reset windows 10 computer from command prompt? – Microsoft Community.How to Factory Reset Your Windows 10 PC Using Command Prompt


In terms of speed and quality, the performance of this operating system is good, but sometimes you find that your system is slow or has problems that you can not solve with the usual methods; Or you even want to sell it and delete its information. This is where you have no choice but to reset Windows 10 if you are using this operating system. There are many ways to do this, but in this article we will do it through the CMD command.

In this environment, each command line has a specific application and you can use it to control different parts of the operating system. There are many ways to access this environment in Windows 10, which are mentioned below.

Now that this menu To open it in any way you can, enter the systemreset factoryreset command and press Enter to begin the Windows 10 reset process. Remember to enter systemreset factoryreset without any spaces after opening this menu. There is no space between the words systemreset and factoryreset , but after systemreset , you have to create a space, draw two dashes and leave no space , Type the second phrase.

After entering this command and pressing the Enter key, a page will open in which you can see two options. If you select the first option, all your settings and applications will be deleted but your personal information will not be harmed.

It is recommended that you transfer your personal files to a drive other than the one on which Windows is installed before doing so. By selecting the second option, it is as if a new Windows is installed on your system and all your data will be deleted. Now you have to choose whether you want to delete all your files and then completely format the drive or just delete your files. In the first method, the reset process may take several hours, but in the second method, the process is faster.

It is recommended that you use the second method if you intend to maintain and use the system, and if you intend to sell it, you should choose the first method. Of course, it should be noted that although the first method is said to be safer and reduces the possibility of recovering personal information, there is also the possibility that someone can recover deleted information.

In the menu that appears, the system will notify you that it is ready to reset. All you have to do is click reset if you are sure of the process and let the system start the reset. When the reset process is complete, the startup screen Windows appears to you as if you have just purchased the system.

Of course, it should be noted that if you want to sell your laptop or system, resetting Windows is not the only option available, and you can try other methods, such as reinstalling Windows.

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