Who we are

Young Enterprising and Able (YEA) initiative was founded in 2012 aiming at empowering, creating avenues, platforms and opportunities for youth and women in general but with a special incline to serving the minority groups, the youth and women with disability in the business world through practical approaches to social entrepreneurship and value addition. We focus on identifying the challenges facing Young and women people in relation to taking advantage of market opportunities and then create strategies, programs, platforms and solutions that will expose these youth and women to innovative projects and social entrepreneurship initiatives. In 2017 Young Enterprising and Able Initiative restructured aiming at equal access to opportunities not only in the business and employment world but also social, health, and education. This is where the Member Directors changed the name from Young Enterprising and Able into Tunaweza Foundation which means we can make it happen in Swahili. In June 2018 Tunaweza Foundation was certified under Section 18(3) of Companies Act 2012) with Certificate of Incorporation Registration No: 80020001025375>. And it is registered with permit Number: INDP0001875NB under the NGO Board Uganda.

Brief History of Tunaweza Foundation

On Sunday morning of 25th November 2009 siting in living room watching TV Fashion Show and an idea came wondering why ladies with disabilities could also do the same. Shared the idea with my friends who loved it, later on after my university we organized the first ever exhibition for youth and women with disabilities showing different talents under Young Enterprise and Able

From this time, we started having different motivational talks in schools and churches. Last year felt this good vision should continue and expand to other parts of the country. This is where Tunaweza Foundation was birthed in café with two girlfriends whom got so excited about the whole idea and fueled it to where it is now.

Meet Our Team

Victo Nalule
Executive Director
Emmaline Parmu
Director Finance
Maureen Driwaru
Director HR & Administration
Tonny Musisi
Komuhendo Dorcus
Director Program
Aaron Sebina
IT Manager